Todd has been a dynamic entrepreneur for 36 years. After building a successful silk-screening business and becoming one of the youngest Realtors inducted into the RE/MAX Hall of Fame, Todd decided to seek an entrepreneurial opportunity that could provide both financial security and the flexibility required to spend more time with his family. That’s when he joined Rexall Showcase, which later became Unicity International.

Unicity is now recognized as one of the world leaders in metabolic health, having more nutritional formulations in the Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR) than any other health or nutrition based company.

In the 27 years since, Todd’s business has generated more than two billion in sales.

What the CEO Says

  • It’s been a great 27 years with Todd. We’ve had some fun time, explosive experiences in personal development, and also of course great business success.

    Stewart Hughes, CEO of Unicity International


In 2011, Todd started a self-development blog and podcast titled Little Things Matter. While both his personal and professional success was greatly influenced by the ideas of self-improvement authors and speakers, he noticed something that wasn’t always expressed: the importance of the little, everyday decisions on the road to success. These “Little Things” had proved vital on his own journey, so he decided to share what he had learned in over five decades of triumphs and failures. After building a following of nearly 30,000 subscribers, Todd turned his timeless lessons into a book by the same name.


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What His Readers Say

  • This book gives you a series of ideas, methods, techniques and strategies that you can use immediately to take control of your life and get better results in everything you do.

    Brian Tracy, author of No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline

  • In a byte-sized, fast-food world, Todd Smith has served up a timeless and timely banquet of real-life success recipes for our daily menus. Read, underline, relish and pass on to your loved ones!

    Denis Waitley, author of The Seeds of Greatness

  • This little book is rich with ideas and unique insights that can have a BIG impact on your life. Todd has lived his principles and has proven that little things not only matter, but add up to significant success.

    Darren Hardy, Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine and author of The Compund Effect

  • Todd Smith brings together years of real-life experience into a truly usable collection of great common sense ideas to fuel anyone’s rise to the top. From the importance of self-belief to value of ‘failure’ lessons, from honest ‘prioritizing’ to a nonstop set of key LTM Challenges, this book contains words of wisdom for anyone who cares about success…at work and at home.

    Mark Jeffries, author of The Art of Business Seduction

Wellness Expert

Todd has been studying, teaching, and applying health and fitness principles for 28 years. He has seen incredible results both in his life and in the lives of his customers. In March of 2017, he co-founded GetFit21, a program designed to equip participants to lead healthier, more active lives through 21-day challenges.

In April of 2018, he took his passion for helping people and co-founded Joy Organics with his wife Joy and son Gerrid. What started as an upscale CBD store in Fort Collins has turned into one of the top CBD brands and according to Entrepreneur.com, Joy Organics is one of the top 14 hottest brands to watch out for.

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What His Clients Say

  • Todd gets more out of me than I can get out of myself. He holds me accountable and let’s me know when I am doing something counterproductive to my goals.

    Trent Tueller, GetFit21 Coach

  • Todd has given more me more tools and support in the past year as my coach than all my four years of coaching combined. He has gotten more out of me than I could have gotten out of myself!

    Jen Gamble, GetFit21 Coach

  • Todd is an awesome coach! He has the unique ability to find and extract the greatness we already hold inside us. Todd always smiles, has a listening ear and honest compliments. These acts of caring allows me to stretch myself to improve in all areas of my daily life. Thanks for being such a wonderful mentor!

    Monica Johanson Nouhan, GetFit21 Coach

Family Man

Todd has been married for 32 years to his high-school sweetheart, Joy. Together, they’ve raised four incredible children and have been blessed with six adorable grandchildren. Todd’s career has afforded him the freedom and flexibility to play an active part in the lives of both his kids and grandkids. Every summer, the family meets in Colorado, where they camp, hike, fish, and spend time together. Want to know Todd’s secrets to personal success and a happy home life? Check out the blog post written by him and his wife titled “30 Tips for Staying Married 30 Years.”


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What His Grandchildren say

  • “I like Papa. Like when he takes me fishing. He makes me laugh. He’s a good snuggler. And it’s funny that he has a bald head!

    Samuel, Todd’s 5-year-old grandson.

  • He’s the best Papa in the world. I wouldn’t trade him for anything, not even a thousand dollars!

    Elijah, Todd’s 7-year-old grandson.

  • He takes us on dates a lot and spends time with us. He’s a good Grandpa!

    Titus, Todd’s 8-year-old grandson.

  • He’s a great fisherman who catches big fish.

    Josiah, Todd’s 6-year-old grandson.

  • He’s best Papa in the whole wide world.

    Stella, Todd’s 2-year-old grandson.

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