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Todd Smith is a family man and entrepreneur. He has been married to Joy, his high-school sweetheart, for 31 years. They have been blessed with four remarkable children whom Joy has homeschooled. Today their family continues to grow and they are the proud grandparents of five grandchildren.

Family PhotoAs a dynamic entrepreneur for 35 years, Todd has enjoyed extraordinary personal and professional success. His drive to succeed began early in life.

Todd’s first job after graduating from high school was nondescript. He was a ditch digger laying cable for a local cable company, making six dollars an hour. He was laid off four months later and became a package runner for UPS during the Christmas holidays.

Tired of inconsistency and layoffs, he decided to take control of his life and became an entrepreneur. This was in the early 80s when unemployment was at 10 percent; getting and keeping a job was hard to do—especially for someone without a college degree.

Todd’s first business-owning venture came at the age of 18 when he and his brother launched a silk-screening business from a garage. After four years, it became the second largest company of its kind in the greater Chicago area.

While Todd enjoyed the personal growth and financial benefits of being a successful business owner, he resented the headaches that came with owning a traditional business—employees, paperwork, deadlines, stress, overhead, and bill collecting. He admits, “Almost all of my time was spent doing things I did not enjoy. I knew there had to be a better way. I wanted something that would give me greater control of my future without the headaches of owning a traditional business.”

At the age of 23, Todd began a career as a residential real estate agent. He became a student of personal development and within five years was one of the nation’s top-selling realtors selling over 115 homes a year. He was also one of the youngest Realtors ever inducted into RE/MAX’s Hall of Fame.

Although he enjoyed a lucrative real-estate career, he began to notice that it completely controlled his life. He became determined to find a career that would enable him to replace his mid-six-figure income while providing the freedom to spend more time with his family and enjoy the fruits of his labor.

For the past 25 years Todd has owned his own direct sales business with Unicity International—one that meets his previous criteria for a profitable business and one that fulfills his personal dreams. He now has time to enjoy his favorite activities: spending time with his family, fishing, golfing, playing tennis, and walking down the beach.

He has developed numerous training manuals and CDs, teaching entrepreneurs how to achieve professional success and accomplish their personal goals. As an internationally recognized leader, Smith has conducted more than 1,000 training sessions and seminars for audiences all over the world.

His experiences have taught him a great deal about what it really takes to succeed both at home and in the work place.  Because Todd’s greatest passion is to help people from all walks of life enjoy greater personal and professional success, he developed a blog, podcast, and book through which he teaches that little things can determine the difference between one’s success and failure. To learn more, visit:

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